FAQ about avocados

Avocado flower in spring
Avocado flower in Andalusia, April

FAQ about avocados. And the answers.

FAQ about avocados. The frequently asked questions our clients and my answers to the daily questions about avocados…

  • Do avocados ripening faster in the sun?
    No, but a storage in the sun leads to taste impairments.
  • Accelerate ripening process in a microwave, is that possible?
    No, the microwave interrupts the natural ripening process.
  • Do avocados ripening after sliced?
    Sliced avocados do not ripen, therefore cut only ripe fruits.
  • Can you eat the peel?
    Stone and shell are not suitable for consumption.
  • How can I speed up the ripening process?
    By storing the avocado with a banana or apple in a paper bag and at room temperature.
  • How can I slow down the ripening process?
    Store the avocados in your fridge.
  • Can you freeze avocados?
    Whole avocado should not be freeze. Pureed flesh you can freeze.
  • How long will it take to get my avocado package?
    You will receive your avocado package in about 4 to 5 working days.
  • Can I use avocados for cosmetics?
    Yes. Prescription under Avocado Recipes.
  • Are brown spots eatable?
    Yes, but not tasty. Better cut off.
  • Where are brown spots coming from?
    Brown spots in the flesh of the avocado arise in shock or pressure.
  • Are your avocados treated?
    My avocados are untreated.
  • How should I store avocados?
    Best practise is at room temperature.
  • How do I store half a avocados?
    Wrap it in a cling film and rub the cut surface with lemon juice.
  • How many calories got an avocado?
    100g ripe avocado a (30% fat) has about 160 calories.
  • Is an avocado a vegetable?
    The avocado is a fruit.
  • What kind of fruit is an avocado?
    The avocado is a berry.
  • Can we eat the stone?
    Stone and shell are not suitable for consumption.