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The harvest of avocados, hand-picked and completely untreated finished.

My avocados do not wait in cold store to be sold. I pick them freshly for you on the day you place your order online at the AvocadoShop. We pick your avocados carefully to avoid brown bruises for your complete satisfaction. Your parcel is on its way directly from the farm, so you know where your avocados come from! Store the fresh picked avocados at different temperatures (refrigerator / cellar / kitchen etc.).

This way you can enjoy your avocados up to 4 weeks.

That’s modern shopping directly from the finca!

Delivery time 4 – 5 working days.

Transport costs and VAT included

Shipping to Finland, Norway and Sweden on request

My german speaking customers can buy avocados from our german online shop: 

fresh hand picked avocados

We pick your avocados carefully to avoid brown bruises for your complete satisfaction

Premium avocados for premium restaurants

Premium avocados for Premium restaurants

The essential difference between our avocados and conventionally imported avocados lies furthermore in the energy expenditure involved in the importation process:

    • Imports from outside of Europe need to be kept at a core temperature of 40C.
  • Imports from countries such as Mexico, South Africa and Peru require lengthy transportation in refrigerated containers and subsequent storage in up to three ripening facilities with different temperature and humidity levels

in order to qualify for the ‘Ready to Eat’ sticker.

  • By contrast, our customers are in total control of the ripening process by storing the freshly picked avocados at varying temperatures (cellar, refrigerator, room temperature, etc.) Ripening them successively in this natural way means that the avocados can be enjoyed over a period of up to four weeks, while also saving  energy!

My avocado varieties:

    1. The Hass avocado variety has an oil content of up to 24%. The weight of each avocado varies between 160g to 300g. When ripe, it has a delicious, nutty flavour and a completely fibre-free and creamy consistency. Its resilient skin, which changes colour during ripening from green to purplish- black, and its small stone, make it universally popular. Sorry, all gone
    2. The Bacon variety matures the earliest in Andalusia. A cross between a Mexican and a Guatemalan species, James Bacon named it around 1920. Harvesting begins in September and ends in mid-October. The oval, roundish fruits have a smooth, dark green skin which peels easily. The flesh is yellowish-green, creamy when ripe. The oil content is approximately 20%. Sorry, all gone…. .

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