Avocado Farm

My Avocado Farm in Andalusia

My avocado farm is idyllically situated in the hinterland of Almuñécar on the Costa Tropical.

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For over 16 years, I have been growing tropical fruits, mainly avocados and mangoes, but also persimmons, lychees, almonds, grapefruit, tangerines, kumquats, bananas and, of course, oranges on the farm. While Osteen mangoes and Bacon avocados mature on the trees in the golden days of September/October, the harvest season for Hass avocados begins in early November. The beauty of avocados is that they, unlike apples and pears, do not ripen on the tree and they drop off prematurely if they are not harvested.

Please note that the use of inseticides is strictly forbidden on the finca.

The nutty avocados remain on the trees at the finca until the end of the almond blossom season (mid-February) and as soon as I receive your order, they are personally harvested and packed for you on the same day. The next day, the avocados are sent to you by courier and arrive at your door 4-5 days after ordering.

Because the trees need to be cut back at the end of February, any remaining avocados are sold to a local exporter, my business partner for the past 15 years.


avocado for you
I am picking your avocados on the farm