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Buy avocados online directly from my farm

The modern, natural and healthy way

The harvest of avocados, hand-picked and completely untreated finished.

My avocados do not wait in cold store to be sold. I pick them freshly for you on the day you place your order online at the AvocadoShop. We pick your avocados carefully to avoid brown bruises for your complete satisfaction. And you know where your avocados come from! Modern shopping directly from my finca!

My German speaking customers can buy avocados from our german online shop:

Mis clientes españoles pueden utilizar la tienda española:

Buy Avocados online
Buy Avocados online

In 1999, I realised my dream of planting avocado trees in Spain. For the past 18 years, over 300 avocado and other subtropical fruit trees have continued to flourish on my 20.000sq.m Andalusian farm, and now you can buy my hand-picked, pure, natural avocados in the AvocadoShop, be inspired by my favourite avocado recipes and discover the avocado farm where they grow.

Buy avocados 

Avocados are tasty

My best Avocado Recipes for Connoisseurs, like Avocado terrine with prawns, or for a quick and healthy breakfast – Avocado smoothie with mango and lime – or vegan Avocado Ice cream, helping you to rediscover the joy of eating with delicious and nourishing recipes. And all avocado recipes are very quick and easy. Avocado is not an ingredient, it is a lifestyle.

Premium avocados for awarded restaurants
Premium avocados for award winning restaurants

Avocados are healthy

Their unsaturated fatty acids and carbohydrates ( 5.4%), which have a high saturation value and lead to a lower increase in blood sugar after consumption, make avocados a valuable ingredient – not least in the vegan kitchen. They are therefore also of great benefit to diabetics. The avocado also contains the provitamin A, vitamins C, D, K and E, as well as many B-vitamins. Read more…

Handpicked avocados

23 thoughts on “Buy Avocados

  1. We certainly will enjoy it! Your avocados are the highlight of the autumn for me! Simmone

  2. Liebe Frau Vogel,
    ich habe im Jänner das erste Mal Avocados bei Ihnen bestellt, und sie haben wunderbar geschmeckt! Ich konnte auch viele Freunde und Verwandte damit glücklich machen:
    If you´re desperado, eat an avocado
    liebe Grüße aus Wien

  3. Thank you very much, Tarek! We start to pick the rest of our avocados late December/early January. I send you an email when we start. Have a pleasant day. Katharina

  4. Dear AvocadoShop
    I wanted to say how happy I have been with the avocado’s. The flavor is truly amazing!
    I wanted to order another box but I saw that everything is out of stock. Will there be more coming in the next months or will I have to wait until next season?
    Thanks and all the best, Tarek

  5. I have had these avocados for the past two years now, and they are the best I have ever asted. I have visited Peter and Katharina’s finca, and can confirm that the cultivation is entirely organic and free of pesticides. The service is punctual and professional. If you have not already sampled this excellent product, you don’t know what you are missing!

  6. i received avocado on time and it is premium !
    i like that it is green so i put it in refrigerator and put it out 4 by 4 and eat it when it get brown
    I will order more just one week before we eat this 🙂
    How long you will have this premium avocado?
    happy new year to you and your family

  7. Thanky you Nimesh! We are able to deliver Hass Avocado from our finca in Spain till 15.february. Looking foreward to your next order. Katharina

  8. I need to make sure we can get 2-3 orders in for the colleagues over a multi month period I think. The last batch – I had 2kg, rest went to 6-8 work colleagues – were very much appreciated!

  9. Hallo Katharina,

    am Wochenende konnten wir schon die ersten Avocados testen. Man sind diese lecker 🙂

    Die nächste Bestellung folgt bestimmt.

    Danke und Viele Grüße Lisa

  10. die Avocados sind angekommen. Ich bin gespannt wie sie schmecken. Die Sorte habe ich noch nicht gehabt.
    Herzliche Grüße und vielen Dank für die schnelle und unkomplizierte Lieferung.
    Katrin aus Hochkirch

  11. Also wir sind ja total begeistert! Die Avocados ein wenig aufgeteilt in Zimmer, Keller und Kühlschrank und immer ein paar perfekt reife Avocados zur Hand. Wirklich perfekt! Ein paar Avocados haben wir noch…Wir kommen sicher wieder!

  12. Ich möchte mich sehr herzlich bedanken. Die Avocados sind heil angekommen und makellos. Ganz wunderbare Avocados. Gerne in der nächsten Saison wieder!

  13. Hola Katharina,

    vielen Dank für die Avocados, die wieder super schnell heute wohl behalten bei uns angekommen sind! Die sind ja zum Teil riesig, wow! Danke, danke, danke.
    Und wir freuen uns schon auf Ihre Info, wenn die Saison mit der Sorte Bacon im September wieder losgeht (kenne ich garnicht, bin schon gespannt darauf).

    Auch dafür danke im Voraus.

  14. Der Versand hat schnell und reibungslos geklappt,
    Die Avocados sind die Besten,die ich je hatte!

  15. Hallo, Ihre Avocados sind grandios! Danke

  16. Super schnelle Lieferung und die besten Avocados die ich jemals gekauft habe.
    Super lecker und ohne jegliche Schlechte, wie es leider sonst so oft bei gekauften aus dem Bio-Supermakt oder normalen Markt passiert.

    Spitzenklasse, Danke Frau Vogel und bis bald

  17. Die Avocadolieferung hat super geklappt, das Avocado Paket kam wie angekündigt 5 Tage nach der Bestellung bei mir an. Die Qualität der Avocados ist super und ich werde sicher mal wieder welche ordern. Dankeschön!

  18. Yes of course Maja! But even the cheapest offer for shipping (TNT) is 20 € more than for the rest of Europe. Sorry. But if you want, withdraw to the amount you see on the website and add 20 Euros extra. I am ready to pick your avocados. We are looking foreward for your order. Katharina

  19. Hi Katharina,

    Your avocados are looking yummy! Do you ship to Slovenia too?

  20. Your avocados are the best I have ever tasted! And your delivery service is excellent. Bravo, and keep up the good work! I can honestly recommend anything that comes from Katharina’s finca. Buy with confidence – you will not be disappointed.

  21. Hi Katharina,

    they were wonderful, thank you !
    I would like to order more…

  22. Sehr schöne, fruchtig-cremige, wohlschmeckende Avocados.
    Wenn möglich wieder.

  23. Real avocado tasting like it use to be.
    Great service
    Will buy again

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